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Maximize your efficiency: Create a single plan, adapt it for multiple clients with personalized times, and offer optional custom instructions.
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No extra apps required for clients. Just simple scheduling, made for You.
Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and overcomplicated training apps. CalFuse is the streamlined scheduling app that eliminates complex systems. We make it effortless for you to create and share training plans with clients – plans that seamlessly integrate into their calendars.

Plan Creation: Create new workout plans in just a few clicks or customize existing ones. Tailor schedules with specific days, activities, sets, reps, and instructions. Easy activity import (CSV/XLS)!

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Client Management: Effortlessly add, import (CSV/XLS), and manage your client list.

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Instructions: Provide detailed direction for completing plans, understanding goals, and staying motivated. You can import your spreadsheets here as well!

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Solving Real Problems, Simplifying Your Workflow.
Frustrated with messy spreadsheets and overly complex scheduling apps, we founded CalFuse to make life easier for personal trainers and coaches. Our mission is to help your clients stay consistent by seamlessly importing your training plans directly into their calendars. We ditch the unnecessary features and high price tags, focusing instead on a wallet-friendly, easy-to-use solution. As two young guys kicking off our dev journey, we're passionate about building something truly useful. CalFuse is designed for everyone – from those needing complex planning software to those seeking a simple way to streamline their daily routines and banish those unprofessional spreadsheets.